Car nowadays is one of the most important things that someone own in their home. Either use it for some special occasion or for helping us doing our daily commute they existence always needed. As something part of our daily life, car also getting aged too no matter how good we keep and taking care of them. So, what to do with our aged car? These are some tips for you.

  • Dismantle it

Many owners of popular car models looking to replace a faulty or worn out part. If you are

skilled enough, you can dismantle your cars and sells some part of it. It can eliminate the

cost of hiring someone else to do it and you get earn maximum return when you sell it.

Aged car might have less demand for its parts but you still able to sell them but with less


  • Donate it

It is such  a noble  idea for you to donate your old car. It’s good but when it came

to old car there will be some risk going with. An old car needs above average frequency of

service. Some people will only recommend donating an old car if it in fairly good drivable

condition and can continue providing service with minimal repair. As what you want to do by

donating your car is to lower the expenses of recipient so giving an old car that come

with bad condition will bring reverse effect.

  • Recycle it

Giving your call to recycle organization will help you get rid of your old cars. We

recommended you recycle your old car in environmentally friendly organization so you can

help to reduce the amount of car parts put into a landfill.

  • Trade in

They are significant demand for some particular car model in the market. You might be able

to trade your old car for the newer one. We can save some bucks on the new car yet we can

getting rid of our old car. We also recommended you to try trading in some dealer

because they will offer your old card with different price since they want to sell it in good

bargain. You also need to mention the gap between your old and new car. Keep the gap

tight so you can get the most contribution from your old car.

  • Barter it

Most people have a friend who is interested in old car that  has a good condition. If you think your old car is still good enough for your friend, you can offer your car to them. Some good old barter trade may come in handy. Yet, it might bring some drawbacks for you and your friend if someone didn’t get the same benefit from the barter. Just make sure that both of you

earn what you want so you wouldn’t ruin your precious relationship.

  • Sell it

Selling your old car might be the most convenient way to get rid of your car. You can get rid of it from your garage, yet you earn some extra cash that you can use for other needs or even to buy a new car. Even if your car is not in driveable state, there is a good chance that your car still can be used by other companies such as a damage car company that can repair it or sell the parts.

For you who stay in Inner West, you are recommended  to get in touch with Cash For Cars Inner West as the best company to sell your old unused car. They can give you on the spot cash with the best dollar rates. They also pick up your car right on your garage, so you don’t need to spend your time and effort bringing it to the company.

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